The Mystery of Luigi’s Mansion

Luigi’s Mansion was a launch title on the Nintendo Gamecube. It was therefore one of the most popular games on that platform so sold over 2.5 million copies and was the 5th best selling gamecube game of all time.

I do not own a Gamecube but I do own a 1st generation Wii which plays Gamecube games. I’m not really up on Nintendo software the only platform I own is the above mentioned Wii and generally Nintendo systems and games never really appealed to me.

A few months ago I was in a local charity shop and they had a couple of Gamecube games Medal of Honor and Luigi’s Mansion. They were only £1 each so I picked them up. I was shocked when I added them to my database (I use the CLZ games app) that the listed price on the second hand market was so high $28 loose and $36 complete in box. I had a quick look at completed listings on ebay and they are selling between £15 and £35!

So I’ve done some research and I cannot find any reason for the prices being that high. There are plenty of copies out there, its not a rare game. There is absolutely nothing special about it (unless you know differently). As it’s a game I’m not bothered about I am considering selling it on. All I know there is nothing so strange as the collectors market and some of the prices things sell at.

If you know anything that would explain the prices of this game I’d love to hear them.

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