All Hail Boardgames!

Board games and tabletop games are having a bit of resurgence. In the past few years sales have increased on average 20% a year across the board (excuse the pun). I’m sure you’ve heard about things like Game Cafe’s opening (there seems to be a Cafe for everything now).

I’ve played games since I was a child from board games like monopoly to role playing games like Traveller and Dungeons and Dragons. Due to work and other factors in my adult life I have moved around a lot, I once worked out in a 10 year period I’d lived in 19 different places! So because of my mobility I was unable to keep up with my love of RPGs (which I would still love to play again). Board games however are much easier to play off the cuff with smaller numbers. I am lucky that my wife also loves boardgames and we are planning soon to get back to our boardgame evenings when we can either stop a Pandemic, sink a battleship or strive for world domination.

I’m planning on covering specific games in detail over the coming months. So stay tuned for some dice throwing, spinner action.


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