Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff Photos - Harley


Office Manager

Harley has 15 years of Management experience. He supervises at a distance but his presence can be felt everywhere. In his spare time he likes to Party and spend quality time with his soft toys.

Meet the Staff Photos - Myka


Personal Assistant

Myka as PA to BAFTD does a multitude of tasks from greeting visitors at the door to making sure the office is clean and tidy. She also is helpful bouncing new ideas off and her solutions normally involve food of some sort. In her spare time she loves to run with me, play with toys and get as much attention as possible.

Meet the Staff Photos - Molly


Security and Estates Management – Retired

Sadly at 17 years Molly left us to continue her work making sure all other companion Animals were secure in the Aterlife. She will be sorely missed by all at BAFTD but we know she is observing from above so we better not step out of line

Meet the Staff Photos - Duncan

D (Duncan)

Editor and Writer

You can call me D, as that is what I like to go by. I’ve had an interest In Science Fiction and Films from an early age, this interest has carried on through numerous aspects of my life. My other passion is Art and I’ve made a recent return to drawing and painting. I am often inspired by my interests so you’ll see plenty of this reflected in my artwork. I am also a keen runner and Myka and I love nothing better than running the miles together. Life and health can sometimes get in the way as it has done this past year curtailing my running. I am working hard to return to fitness and get back to my love of running again.

Meet the Staff Photos - Rosie


Web and Graphic Design

Rosie is in charge of the design and overall feel of this site. Her skills in web and overall design are invaluable along with her problem solving skills and encouragement, she is the reason this site is here. She also has a great interest in Sci-fi and fantasy just like me, in fact I introduced her to a lot of it and now it’s become a passion we share together. Another passion of hers is crochet and she has a particular talent in Amigurumi. Science Fiction and Crochet often overlap as I’m sure you’ll discover at some point. Rosie also loves to blog like me and is currently working on re-launching her website.