Hospital Life – It’s a Bug’s Life – 18/2/20

“It’s a Bug’s life’, the weekly post when I tell you what films we’ve watched both on our film Sundays and other parts of the week (I will talk about TV shows elsewhere). Please if you haven’t read the introduction page to this series go take a look that’s where you’ll learn the history of our sorely missed Bug.”

There are no spoilers for the films listed

As I said in my last Bugs Life, there would be a two week break before the next edition, as my Wife was due to go in Hospital. I was quite surprised for a two week period with 5 days of it sat around in a hospital that there has only been 10 films. We did spend a lot of time watching season 4 of The Expanse though. While we were still at home we watched The Rewrite (2014) a Hugh Grant Romcom, no matter what Hugh Grant is always watchable in these sort of films. It wasn’t breaking new territory but was enjoyable. The following two nights we visited some old favourites. A Knights tale (2001) as I may have said before this is such an underrated movie and the mixture of modern music within a medieval setting shouldn’t work, but it does. I could watch Paul Bettany’s Chaucer in his own film. If you’ve not seen it I urge you to look it out. The following evening was Star Trek Generations (1994), I actually watched the VHS of this a few weeks back but we decided to watch the Blu ray. In my opinion not the best of the Next Generation Star Trek films but a really good set up on whats to come.

The following evening we watched the visual joy that is Valerian and the City of a thousand planets (2017). We watched the 5th Element the other week it was great to watch Luc Bessons other Science Fiction epic. A Space Opera, making full use of that classification, It is beautiful to look at with a story that does make sense. I read one review that stated if you don’t like this film you must be tired of life, Rosie made the best statement in ‘How can people not love this’ in all it’s visual glory I concur.

Now we come to Hospital time, luckily we had access to the internet in Hospital so we were able to stream (even though we’d taken a load of discs with us). After the first day of procedures Rosie decided that we needed some fun so it was XXX(2002) a film with Vin Diesel doing ridiculous things but a bunch of fun. The following evening it was Hitch (2005), the always watchable Will Smith, another fun film. The final film we watched in Hospital was Housesitter (1992) I really like Steve Martin and his late 80’s early 90s films are always fun, Goldie Hawn always watchable in this Frank Oz (yes of Yoda fame) directed comedy.

Once Rosie was released from hospital it was time for her to recover, so we picked a few films 2007’s Son of Rambow an excellent coming of age Drama/Comedy set in the 1980’s. The young cast are great with Jessica Hynes playing the only non comedic role this is a fun and poignant film. Sunday evening we premiered Zombieland: Double Tap (2019). A funny and well put together sequel with Woody Harrelson as always shinning.

The two weeks of film viewing was finished off with Fast and Furious 8 (2017), I do wish they’d stop calling these films different names in different countries as it gets very confusing. Rosie said she wanted the one with Jason Statham and the baby on the plane. So that is what we watched as with all the F&F films a great romp. After the disappointment that was Hobbs and Shaw it was good to revisit this film.

That’s it the films from this two week period including a hospital stay. Apologies if this write up is a little terse we are still in post hospital mode. Until next time happy viewing.

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