What does Back Away from the Donkey mean?

BAFTD is about pushing away the pressures of everyday life and focus on things you love. It’s too easy to get wrapped up in things and forget what makes you happy. If you wish to know the history of BAFTD have a look at this post.

A lot of modern criticism is about pulling things down. I am not about that here, that does not mean there wont be criticism but that it will be done in a positive and respectful way. Anyone who manages to get a Film/TV Series or even a book released has put a huge amount of effort in no one plans to make a bad film. It is possible to have reservations or dislike someone’s work but still respect the effort that has been put in.

Do you accept articles from other people?

I would be happy to consider this please contact me via the communicate Tab to discuss further.

Do you write for other people?

At present no, but I would consider this depending on my personal work load. Please contact me via communicate if you have a proposal.

I’d like to talk to you via Twitter, Why aren’t you on that platform?

I find twitter a generally negative space, just full of people shouting at each other. I used to have a twitter account but deleted it a few years back. It is not worthwhile maintaining one just for the odd occasion.

I am on several other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook so not being on Twitter is not a negative, in fact to me it’s a positive as it stops me falling down rabbit holes of negativity. Hopefully you are on at least one of the others I have mentioned and this way you can still see the content that I share and interact with me, as I generally try to keep the content the same as I am aware not everybody has them all.

What is Ko-fi?

Ko-fi in it’s simplest form is a way for you to buy me a coffee because you like what I’m doing here. BAFTD is a hobby, I do it because I love what I’m talking about and want to share it. As with any website I have overheads such as hosting, domain renewal fees etc. I will continue to do this no matter what but if you like what I’m doing and would like to help with my overheads (or just buy me a coffee) it would be greatly appreciated, and may help me expand my website content. Remember though you are under no obligation to contribute and please only do so if you can afford it.

Just to say that Ko-fi take no fee for the service and the donation goes directly to my Paypal account. If you have any further questions please ask or head over to their website for more information (I’ve linked to a useful FAQ article). Thank you.

Photo of what the symbol looks like What does this symbol mean on the right hand side of your menu bar?

If you press this button it will take you to a randomly selected post of mine, you can press it as many times as you like and it will always show a different post.

I thought this would be a fun and slightly different feature to include so I hope you like it, as it may make you stumble across some posts you wouldn’t of otherwise.

Does your office Manager want another Job?

Harley at present is perfectly happy in his position, though he may consider bribery in the form of carrots, peanut butter or bananas!

What about your PA, would she like another job too?

Myka loves the chance to help out, being an assistant is her favourite job! She doesn’t like to be far from us though so I think she’d have to politely decline, she’d happily accept some attention if your close by though!

Have a question that isn’t featured here or maybe one you feel should be added to this page? No problem as that’s why I have set up a communications page and I look forward to hearing from you.