Navigating the Asteroid Field – Update

Navigating the Asteroid Field

Sometimes you cannot stop outside factors affecting you. The same way when you fly into an asteroid field (see what I did there) you just have to find a way through it.

I did a short update at the back of February just explaining that due to my wife being in hospital (nothing serious) and the aftermath that posts and articles were thin on the ground. To explain, my wife has a disability and has a long term health condition so I care for her full time. The hospital stay and its after effects curtailed a lot of work and articles I wanted to do, then we now have the current worldwide situation which has made things even more difficult.

The thing is as I always say this blog is about the things I love which I really wish to share, so at current the plan is to have a good article up by the weekend and then hopefully I will be back to more regular writing. I do hope I manage to write some articles that interest you, also remember that even if blog posts are not as often as they should be there are daily posts on my Instagram and Facebook Page so feel free to follow me there. I have a few ideas that I am thinking of trying including some videos on IGTV (and here) spot-lighting specific things I love. It’s in the planning stage at present but keep following me for the latest news. In this time where there is a lot of external situations that we cannot control it’s good to have something to take your mind off things (even for a short time). I hope in some way some of you may find some of my articles here fit that remit.

Have fun exploring and if you want to comment feel free.

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