I have always had some book content on this blog, but now I’m hoping to expand that. Reading has been a constant throughout my life, there have been times when I have read more and times when I have read less but it has always been there.

Unsurprisingly Science Fiction and Fantasy have been the mainstay of my reading with numerous offshoots into Science, classics and anything else that has taken my fancy. I remember how excited I was as a 5 year old reading Brian Earnshaw’s Dragonfall 5 series and I hope I’ve maintained that sense of wonder throughout all my reading.

I rarely do specific reviews of media on BAFTD, with books that may change slightly because I want to do deep dives into authors and there content which may involve reviews. I’ve not yet 100% decided how this will work but it will hopefully develop organically like my other content has. One thing I am excited to experiment with is some You Tube content on books. I have always wanted to try that and books is the ideal thing to discuss because not only do I love them but it is a thing I can talk about and show without having to fight with You Tube’s copyright algorithm which is a law unto itself.

As with the rest of BAFTD, the BAFTD Books channel, as that is obviously what it will be called, will champion lesser known books as well as maybe some more well known things. I am planning to have some written content on the blog as a support for some videos. I can make no promises how it will all work until I start, and I can also not guarantee if it will be a long term project and my introvert nature may struggle. No matter what there will be a lot more book and comic content on BAFTD along with my normal rambling about many other things that I love. Don’t worry though my content on this Blog will continue with the deep dives into TV and film and hopefully some more Art content.

If you wish to have a look at what BAFTD Books is doing on youtube click the youtube icon at the top right of the page. Look forward to seeing you there.

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