Treasure Hunters find Dog in Atlantis – It’s a Bug’s Life – 21/1/20

“It’s a Bug’s life’, the weekly post when I tell you what films we’ve watched both on our film Sundays and other parts of the week (I will talk about TV shows elsewhere). Please if you haven’t read the introduction page to this series go take a look that’s where you’ll learn the history of our sorely missed Bug.”

There are no spoilers for the films listed

Our film watching was a bit thin on the ground for this week, I had a lot of things to catch up with along with some TV viewing. It ended up that the first film I watched was the classic Warlords of Atlantis on Sunday morning. I have a soft-spot for these Doug McClure films, this one I actually saw on release. If you want some escapism mixed with some rubber sea creatures this is the place to go. In reality its a well put together film, the third that the Director did with Doug Mcclure and its an enjoyable romp with some interesting ideas. It was filmed in Malta and the Cinematography along with the production design make good use of that to give us the feeling of a suitably otherworldly feel.

We sat down early in the evening and managed to fit in two films. The first was the James Belushi film K-9, it was released around the same time as Turner and Hooch and is sometimes looked at as the lesser cousin, as you know though I’m a sucker for a dog movie and I really like this and as always James Belushi is very watchable.

The Final film of the Night was Dora and the Lost City of Gold, yes Dora as in the explorer. I’d seen a random trailer and it looked fun, then there was a deal on Google Play to get it for £2 so we though we’d give it a go. It is really good, it’s funny, entertaining, and knows exactly it’s source material. As I said to my Wife I wish we had a daughter so we could take her to see it, because what a fun film with a great role model for young girls. I may not have been the target audience but I really enjoyed it.

Monday evening came around and we decided to watch K-911 the sequel to K-9. I never knew this film existed until I managed to pick it up in a charity shop. It was a actually in a Jewel case so from the really early days of DVD. This film as far as I know went straight to video so never got a Cinema release, for a STV film it’s pretty good with production values nearly as good as the original. It plays a bit more on the comedy aspect than the original but is a fun film. There is a third film I’ve just found out about, another STV I’m going to keep my eyes open for that.

That was it for this week, a bit of a slow film watching week but I’m sure we’ll make up for it at some time.

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