Future Posts

Future Posts

Here you’ll see the upcoming posts I have planned, there will be 2 regular blog posts per week coming out on Wednesday and Saturday and there might even be a few random unplanned posts along the way!

On a monthly basis I will be doing an Intermission post and these will be due out on the first Monday of the month.

Keep an eye on the calendar below as this is where I will update you on all future posts. Occasionally life may get in the way and should there be a change to schedule you will see an update on the calendar so you’ll know when the next blog posts are due.

What does Article mean? This means there is an article planned to come out on that date but I have yet to decide the content, as soon as I do it will be updated.

What is the colour key? Today will be in mid green and any future posts are in lime green, a bit like this background :-).

[calendar id=”383″]