General Update

General Update is no relation to General Grievous (a Star Wars reference for you) I did though think I needed to do a general update as I have been unfortunately sporadic with my blog content for a while. I obviously don’t wish to make lot’s of excuses, but a lot of things have conspired to make writing a little more complex. My own health and other issues have all conspired against me. Sadly 6 weeks ago we had to say goodbye to our lovely cat Molly which despite her age (a few weeks short of 17) was still a shock and not expected, from the flea ridden kitten we rescued to the sassy adult she has left a large hole in BAFTD towers.

Last week my beloved £10 G5 iMac died, it has served me well over the first few years of writing here but sadly it is no more. Annoyingly it died well before I was planning a replacement which means it will have to wait until funds are available. Luckily I am able to use a mixture of my wife’s laptop and my other old Mac, it could be a lot worse.

I am attempting to get back into things now, the best way is for me to be organised and I am working on that at the moment (I even have a journal that will hopefully help). I have plenty of subjects I am excited to write about, it’s just getting the time. I am hoping to finally get back to weekly posts in the near future (I won’t guarantee it though). I have many things that are interesting me at the moment from the usual things that you see here to an interest in Classic Dungeons and Dragons (especially Basic and AD&D) and other role playing games. I used to play in the 80’s and 90s and I really want to get back into it. As much as I am able (and want to) eventually run a game my initial steps is to hopefully find an online game I can participate in. The rekindling of my interest in RPG’s is also inspiring my art and ideas for things I wish to write about, if you are interested expect some classic RPG content soon. Talking of Art, I always wanted to share more here (I even designed a specific place for it on my blog) so I am hoping to in the long term and don’t worry for those not interested in RPG’s or Art I will still be writing a lot about films , books and a lot of Science Fiction content.

There you have it, really no guarantees but I do hope to slowly release articles. This place as I always say is a great escape for me and I love doing it, and I hope others love reading what I write to. Keep an eye out for a piece on Richard Donners fantasy film Ladyhawke which I hope to release in the next couple of weeks.

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