Booklog – November 2019

An occasional column when I update and spotlight some books that are on my reading list present and basically just talk books.

As with most things I have a backlog of books waiting to be read (or even reread). I also listen to a lot of Audiobooks (I was into audiobooks before they were trendy) either whilst walking dogs or out running. To give you a little history I have always read a lot. As with all of us at times it wanes but then you return to the joy of reading. I remember as a child we moved home to the Island of Portand. It had a small local library that within 6 months I had cleared of all the interesting books. In that library I discovered Robert Heinlein’s Glory road, Robert O’Brien’s Z for Zachariah and a bushel of Asimov books.

This is a few of the books I’ve picked up over the past few months. I have a thing for film novelisations I always find them interesting and the best ones add to the film. The Original Star Wars Novelisation is a great example written by George Lucas, O.K it’s actually written by the great Alan dean Foster. There are some great things in that book that appear later in Star Wars lore and many other things that show that the direction of the Star Wars Universe could have been very different.

I was very happy a few months ago to find the novelisations of both Star Trek insurrection and Generations, also in the same find was Star Trek, New Frontier, Excalibur, Restoration (that’s a hell of a title) by Peter David. This book apparently is part of a series so I need to keep an eye out for the other ones. These finds are all Hard back books in almost mint condition. The film Novelisations are from the original film release (mid to late 90s).

A few weeks later I stumbled across more Star Trek (paperbacks this time), it was a four book series called Invasion. These are four books set in different Parts of Start trek universe, book one is in the original series, book two The Next Generation, Book 3 DS9 and the final book is in Voyager. They look really interesting so hopefully an interesting read. The shop I got them from has a huge selection of books that are free or a  voluntary contribution obviously as it’s a charity I contributed.

Sometimes you go months and never see any interesting books in Charity shops but as you can tell from above its been a good few months, but it doesn’t end there. I next found in the corner of a charity shop for 50 Scottish Pence a mint condition hard back copy of Rogue One Catalyst by James Lucano. It’s the prequel to Rogue one, I’m actually not a fan of Rogue One but I’m still interested to read this. Then a couple of weeks later in the same shop I picked up (also in mint condition) Star Wars Aftermath by Chuck Wendig which is set after Return of the Jedi. I’m a big fan of a lot of the books from the 80s and 90s (that are no longer Canon, not that I care) so I’m actually intrigued to read this one set post ROTJ that is now considered canon.

At present I’m digging into some of these so if you want to keep track of what I’m reading feel free to have a look at my Goodreads. Remeber any sensible person needs at least 3 books on the go.

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