Comicslog – October 2019

‘An occasional column where I update and spotlight some comics that are on my reading list present.’

As with most comics fans I have a backlog of titles to read. I’m quite selective on what I buy for a couple of reasons, obviously budget makes an impact but also because I want to be able to read what I have. I do not see the point of collecting titles if I can never get around to reading them, comics are there to be read.

Blade Runner 2019, Written by Michael Green and Mike Johnson, Art by Andreas Guinaldo. Titan Comics.

This is one that I’m reading as released, as a huge fan of Blade Runner I was excited about this and it hasn’t let me down. All set in the Blade Runner universe at the time of the original film with a really intriguing lead character. The art is gorgeous I got the first issue with a Syd Mead Cover which obviously is stunning. We’re up to issue 4 but I still need to read 3 and 4 this month. It’s well worth looking out if you love the Blade Runner Universe. It is still possible to pick up the first few issues if you want to jump on.


Star Wars Thrawn, Written by Jody Houser (based on Timothy Zahn’s Novel), Art by Luke Ross, Colour by Nolan Woodard. Marvel Comics.

There always needs to be some Star wars on my reading list. This is a 6 issue adaptation of the Timothy Zahn Novel. I got it on release last year but only now getting around to reading it. The Art is lovely I’ll give you my opinion on the adaptation in my next round up. If you’re interested in this the original 6 issues aren’t generally available but there is a trade paperback available.


I’d love to here about the titles others are reading so feel free to tell me below. My list varies constantly but until next time happy reading.

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