I like coffee, not a shock for those who know me. I grew up with coffee, one of my earliest memories of coffee is my mum when she bought an electric Percolator as a way to make coffee. At that time in the U.K most people thought coffee was just the instant stuff you bought in a Jar. You could tell how bad the U.K’s coffee tastes were when Mellow Birds was popular brand.

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I remember the sounds that percolator used to make along with the smell. So I was indoctrinated into the Coffee cult at an early age. I’ve always made sure I have ways to make proper coffee on hand be it a cafetiere or a Filter machine. A couple of years back I managed to pick up a very expensive expresso machine for hardly anything, because the people decorated their kitchen and the coffee maker was now the wrong colour for the kitchen. Yes that’s a real reason for basically giving away a £150 expresso machine.

I love my coffee machine, for my birthday this year my lovely in-laws bought me an electric grinder so I can grind my own beans. I was able to grind beans before to a limited extent, I used to use a grinder attachment I have for our Kenwood chef. It was not specifically designed for coffee beans but it would work. The main limitation was you couldn’t really alter the grind. So when I got the expresso machine I found I couldn’t get a fine enough grind for it.

So now as well as my Coffee machine I love my new Krups coffee grinder. If you’re into coffee but have not taken the step into grinding your own beans I highly recommend it. It opens up your options. As I live in a pretty remote area I do not have the selection that people have in big towns and cities however its very easy to order a wide variety of beans online. I’m looking forward to many more exciting bean discoveries. This post was basically an excuse to say I love coffee whilst drinking coffee, but what’s wrong with that?

Look out for the sequel to this post unsurprisingly titled ‘TEA’.

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