Angels and Elephants – It’s a Bug’s Life – 3/12/19

“It’s a Bug’s life’, the weekly post when I tell you what films we’ve watched both on our film Sundays and other parts of the week (I will talk about TV shows elsewhere). Please if you haven’t read the introduction page to this series go take a look that’s where you’ll learn the history of our sorely missed Bug.”

There are no spoilers for the films listed

We’ve had a busy week here in the north, due to that film viewing has been a bit stunted. We managed to finally get to watch a film on Thursday evening. It was our first Christmas film, Holiday in the Wild (2019) is a Netflix film staring Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis. It is nothing to write home about but an enjoyable Holiday film, it was originally to be called Christmas in the Wild but I’m guessing the name was changed to give a more all year appeal as the Christmas elements are not over pronounced.

The synopsis is that Kristin Davis character goes on a second honeymoon alone to Africa after her Husband leaves her. She then ends up on an Elephant Sanctuary with Rob Lowe (you can guess the rest of the plot). What is interesting is the film was actually filmed at a sanctuary and the access to the Elephants was carefully controlled, with animatronics frequently used for scenes where close contact was needed. It’s a pleasant if un-challenging film, Rob Lowe as always is eminently watchable. My main negative is the local characters weren’t fleshed out enough so it was skirting the line of a white saviour narrative.

The second film of the week was Colossal (2016), as I’ve said many a time I rarely watch trailers but this was one film I had seen a trailer of. The trailer is not the film I got to see, it portrays it as some quirky comedy, when the film as much as it has some funny (though not laugh out funny) parts is more of an examination of abusive relationships. Anne Hathaway plays a struggling writer who discovers she is controlling the monster terrorising Seoul. If you’re expecting some big Kaiju action you’ll be disappointed, it is an interesting film even if the Narrative is a little confused at times.

The final film of the week (I told you we didn’t watch much) was Legion (2010), I know this isn’t a well loved film but I personally like it and go back to it when I want a bit of escapism. I can watch Paul Bettany in anything he is one of those actors that seems to put his all into any project he’s associated with. Legion is basically Terminator with Angels, there are some great fight set pieces in a roadside Café and. There was a Tv series Dominion (2013) that expanded the Universe and was really enjoyable, unfortunately we only got 2 seasons and it finished on a cliff hanger.

So that was it for the week but hoping to be able to hit some more Christmas fair next week. Have a good week and keep an eye out here, my Facebook or my Instagram as I’ve some interesting articles coming up.

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