Take off! We are Live!

So my dream is here 40 years in the making, a magazine (of sorts) on the things I love. I do hope you like what we’ve achieved here. I’ve made sure there are a variety of articles on launch (around 20), so I’m sure you’ll find something you like. Please feel free to comment and join in.

As you go around the site if you find any bugs or have any problems please contact me. I’ve tried to test it as much as we can on different platforms but we’re bound to have missed something.

How Best to View my Site

The optimal viewing is on a desktop as then you fully get to see the layout as it is intended. You can also view from a Tablet (landscape viewing recommended) and overall it’s not bad but you might find it does not display exactly the same, for example we have experienced if you view in Portrait that it displays most of the site perfectly but the menu bar at the top does not display as it should. You might find a few other changes here and there, mostly this relates to the pages on the menu bar though so if you view in Landscape you should hopefully see the full design of the site as it should be.

A phone does not show all the layout and design work my wife has done to it’s best nor the navigation of the site but it is still perfectly usable. In fact on our phones it looks much better than expected, so if this is the only way you can view my site you should still be able to enjoy the content and navigate fairly easily, it will just be a different experience to viewing on a tablet or desktop. Please note my website has a right hand side bar and for mobile viewing it does not show this in the correct place, instead it puts it at the end of the main content so you’ll be scrolling down for a while, apologies about that. Doing this it then pushes the footer (the section with the black background) to the very end as well so bare this in mind when viewing this way.

Top Tip: A great tip to improve viewing on a mobile phone if it is not displaying as you would like is to select to view my site in desktop mode, most phones have this option but I can’t tell you the specifics as each system is slightly different. You can also try turning your phone from landscape to portrait and visa versa as you might find one of them gives a better view of the site than the other. I hope this helps you improve the viewing of my site and any feedback is welcome, but please remember you may see glitches that you wouldn’t see if viewing from another device.

IMPORTANT: When viewing on a mobile phone you might find you do not see some of the images I have placed throughout my website for design purposes, it includes photos of old adverts and comic strips found in some of my magazines that I feel adds to the overall look and feel of my site. Sadly from our experience and at least one other, these are not showing when you view my site on a phone. We did find out why though, the internet is choosing to see them as adverts so they are blocking them but despite doing a few changes this continues to happen. You might be able to get them to display though, if you have ad blockers set up on your phone try turning them off when viewing this page and hopefully they will appear for you. There are no adverts on my site, the ones I am displaying as images are purely for decorative purposes and are from very old magazines so no longer apply.

We have done our very best to make my site viewable for all so that you can have an enjoyable experience no matter what device you are using. There are some situations out of our control though as sometimes it’s impossible to correct it so that the viewing is perfect for every device. We have worked hard to get the balance as best as we can and this has meant that generally most of the exceptions apply when viewing on a mobile phone hence the advice, if possible is to view my site on a tablet or Desktop however we have done our best to get the best viewing possible on a mobile phone too. I hope you can enjoy my site wherever you are viewing it from.

I hope you stay around, new articles will be coming out at least twice a week and if you have any suggestions I’ll happily take them on board.

Have Fun and look away!


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