Spring has Sprung – April 2022

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Spring has Sprung

I’ve been quiet for a while, but I won’t go into the ins and outs of it in this post. I may do a catch-up Intermission extra at a later date.
I have a lot of items planned but as always getting them into print takes time. Recently a lot of my escapism has been into reading, I’m probably reading more than I have in a quite a few years. It’s a mixture of some old favourites and discovering a lot of new books. Looking around on booktube (you tube for books, see what they did there?) and various facebook groups their seems to me be to be some strange attitudes in modern Science Fiction and Fantasy Readers. There seems to be this prevalent idea that besides a few classics that books before the millennium will always seem dated and out of touch and the writing is not up to the standards of modern authors.
As this blog is a flag bearer for older material that people may have forgotten or missed, I can say that nothing could be further from the truth. There is so much material out there that is worth discovering or rediscovering. Yes, there are bad books but there are bad new books also. I’m planning on increasing book content in order to highlight books and authors that I still consider worth digging into for modern audiences.
In other media I have finally watched the last Season of the Expanse which I enjoyed but it did feel a bit rushed. I may now finally start reading the books as I’ve had the first book Leviathan Awakes on my bookshelves for a few years. I enjoyed watching The Book of Boba fett although it did feel a bit disjointed in parts. I’m actually looking at putting together a Tusken Raider cut of the series just for fun as I think that plot thread could work well separated out. One of the highlights recently has been the Ridley Scott produced show Raised by Wolves.I can’t praise it highly enough for it’s concept and giving me that wonderful feeling of ‘I haven’t a clue what’s going on or going to happen.
Personally it’s been a hard year but my love of these things has been one of the parts that has kept me going and I’m looking forward to talking about it far more. I have some exciting ideas but I don’t want to promise anything until they are more definite but keep an eye on the sky and you never know …./

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