A Cornucopia – October 2021

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A Cornucopia

photo of the Grimmfesr 13th Edition PosterI have several rambles to go on in this Intermission, with not much linking them except the randomness of my thinking. Over the past year due to obvious reasons film festivals have mainly gone online, with the relaxation of public health restrictions they are slowly returning to the cinema. For people like myself and my Wife it is near impossible for us to physically go to a film festival even in normal times, due to both geographic and health reasons, which has meant the appearance of the online festivals was fantastic for us. During the last year we enjoyed the offerings of both Grimmfest and Frightfest. It was also great to see that even when coming back to the cinemas both organisations decided to keep an online element, I will say that both organisations need to go a bit heavier into advertising these online offerings, Grimmfest were better than Frightfest for this count (but still could have done more) Frightfest though it was not easy or obvious to find about there online portion so much so that we missed it. We did though particiate in last months Grimmfest online where we discovered some great films. Pop over to my Letterboxd account if you want to read some reviews of them. I will also be writing a piece on the festival to come out later in the month.

Autumn is upon us, the nights are drawing in and it’s time to curl up with a book or two. My reading has been a little lax over the past couple of years, it’s good to get back to some consistent reading. I sometimes forget how much just reading a book can take you away from everyday things. It can be a totally immersive medium. As much as I love my audiobooks, to me they are not as immersive. Listening I have always found more passive than interactive, where as reading totally pulls me into new worlds.

I of course remember films and images from TV shows but there is something so comforting about discovering a world through the medium of the novel, your mind can take you places that no film can. As a child and teenager, I would devour books at the speediness of the Millennium Falcon doing the Kessel run . As I have got older my speed has slowed down a wee bit but my enjoyment and excitement about discovering new places and revisiting old ones still remains.

I am going to put a bit more book content on the blog so I hope you enjoy it. I don’t normally do reviews of film and TV content but books I’m going to, as I feel that Book reviews are a great way to explore different writers. I will be putting reviews on my Goodreads account and also posting them here along with some expanded content and discussion.  There maybe some other new book related content but I haven’t quite decided yet.

Time now to find a comfy corner and curl up with that book …….

I sometimes forget that this site and the content I write is one of my escapes. As I always say it’s about things I love and writing about them. It’s better than any form of therapy for me and probably a lot cheaper. If no one ever read anything I would still do it but I’m glad that some people do. I like to talk about both the popular and more obscure and I do hope that I introduce people to new things. As with many people I can get bogged down in things, sometimes the small things and I need to remember the focus that writing about the things I love brings to me. I hope that my love for these things comes out in my writing, because I wouldn’t talk about them if I didn’t love them.

The lights dim, we now resume the main feature

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