Let it Go – Intermission – March 2021

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As the usher brings forth the Ice cream and snacks, we wait for the main feature to resume

Let it Go

I sometimes struggle writing these posts, what I write needs to be predominantly for me as I have no idea how many people actually read this. If I’m not happy with what I write how can I expect others to read it? Normally when I struggle for ideas I start reading around subjects. I have many books and old genre magazines which all help inspire, but sometimes that’s not enough because you may be physically or mentally worn down. In reality that’s what happened last month. I normally aim to release an intermission at the first Monday of the month. In February I got to the middle of the month and I still hadn’t done one so at that point rather than put undue pressure on myself I decided to skip a month. We’ve all struggled in the past year and sometimes you just need to as Disney says ‘Let it Go’. This is the philosophy of BAFT, about letting it go and focussing on what’s right for you and usually that’s about focussing on something you love/want to do. I was at a point where doing this blog post was beyond me and I needed to focus on something else I did feel able to do at that time.

After a quiet month I’m quite excited about what I have coming up. I’ll be finishing off some old series as well as some new articles. All on varied subjects from books, Comics, Art to Film, television and music. A phrase I’m not really keen on using is Golden Age, but in ways as regards Science Fiction and fantasy television and film projects it is a bit of one. There is so much out there at the moment that it is easy for it to pass us by. It’s strange to think that how mainstream some of the things I love have now become. In some ways that is an ideal place for this site to be in as Science Fiction and Fantasy is so mainstream it is good for me to be able to highlight older things that people may not be aware of but are so worthy of attention. Keep an eye in the blogs Calendar in Future Posts as I will try to keep it updated throughout the month so you can see what to expect in the coming weeks

I hope you’ll take this trip with me as we explore things both past and present to help us all push away the pressures of everyday life.

The lights dim, we now resume the main feature

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